DefDog: Panetta Within Reach of Defeating Al Qaeda–Four Trillion and a Quarter Century to Get Back to 1988

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This would be a comic farce if it were not the largest sinkhole for money in the US arsenal of fraud.  Change in people,no change in rhetoric……

Panetta says U.S. is ‘within reach’ of defeating Al Qaeda

The new defense chief says intelligence uncovered in the Bin Laden raid showed that 10 years of U.S. operations against the terror network had left it with fewer than two dozen key operatives. Panetta is visiting Afghanistan for the first time as defense secretary.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Panetta had so much potential at CIA, and failed to rise to the possibilities.  Now at Defense there would be no more sublime illustration of lunacy than this.  As we recall, Al Qaeda started in 1988 with fewer than two dozen key operatives.  Four trillion borrowed dollars later, this is the best he has to offer as a success story?  The US military is bad for real business.

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