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Strike One was posted by Marcus Aurelius, on Petraeus and torture as an option.  Here is Strike Two., July 6, 2011

CIA Director-designate Gen. David Petraeus told Congress last week that he is going to focus heavily on cyber threats to U.S. security, a focus that will likely mean greater intelligence-gathering efforts against China, among the most aggressive at conducting cyber attacks.

“As one of the CIA's enduring missions, I will focus on CIA's efforts to collect intelligence on foreign cyber threats,” Petraeus said in written answers to questions to the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said he plans to make cyber security a top priority at CIA, which has been reoriented in recent years as a human-intelligence gathering spy service.

Phi Beta Iota:  There are three parts to achieving cyber-security.  Part I is to build robust open source systems that have no bugs.  The US Government refuses to be responsible about Part I.  Part II is to build robust cyber-detection and response capabilities.  This is not possible without Part I, but the US Government is spending $12 billion a year on this with Cyber-Command.  Part III, which Petraeus is now alleging he will take on, is to achieve human penetration as well as close-in technical penetration of foreign-based cyber-war farms.  CIA has never been competent in this area, and the chances of its being able to achieve anything, especially against China (while ignoring Israel, Japan, France, and Germany), is laughable.  Petraeus is a smart man with no clue.  His CIA courtiers will lie to him, he will pass on those lies to Congress, and the lunacy will continue.  All of this is bad for business–real business concerned with real production.

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