Berto Jongman: Iraq Suicide Bombing Results + RECAP

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Berto Jongman

Open source assessment of a devastating terrorist tactic.

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2011-09-03 Iraq Suicide Attack Study

200 coalition soldiers were killed in 79 suicide bomb events during 2003–10. More Iraqi civilians per lethal event were killed than were coalition soldiers (12 vs 3; p=0·004).

Suicide bombers in Iraq kill significantly more Iraqi civilians than coalition soldiers. Among civilians,
children are more likely to die than adults when injured by suicide bombs.

Phi Beta Iota:  The US Government is delusional if not maliciously deceptive in focusing on Al Qaeda and on suicide bombing as a “threat.”  Terrorism is a tactic, and nothing more than a traffic accident in the larger scheme of things.  Suicide bombings are also directly correlated with the invasion and occupation of foreign Muslim countries by US forces.  Duh.  In passing, we grieve to observe that we now have more military personnel committing suicide than are being killed in action.

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