Chuck Spinney: Perspective on Turkey-Israel Relations

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Chuck Spinney

Below is an excellent perspective on Turkish – Israeli relations and the irresponsible Israeli-neocon effort to smear Turkey with the phony charge of islamo-fascisim (itself a logically absurd term). While Hadar thinks, in my view correctly, Ataturk would back Erdogan's policies, one thing he does address is how Ataturk might have reacted to Israel's provocations, especially the murder of Turkish nationals in raid on the Gaza Peace Flotilla, followed by Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's incredibly stupid threat to give aid to the PKK. Based on my limited knowledge of the man, I think Ataturk's reaction to such ham-fisted tactics would have made Prime Minister Erdogan's reaction look downright lovable.

Chuck Spinney
Carnon Plage, France

Turkish Foreign Policy: What Would Ataturk Do?

Leon T. Hadar

Huffington Post, 9/16/11

Even before the crisis in the relationship between Israel and Turkey over the raid on the Gaza “Peace Flotilla” had erupted last December, right-wing Israelis and American neoconservatives were promoting a new Grand Narrative: Turkey was joining forces with Iran and Syria in an anti-American and anti-Israeli Islamofascist Axis of Evil, seeking to destroy the Jewish State as part of a long-term strategy of re-establishing the Ottoman Empire and a Global Caliphate. Turkey was becoming the New Iran.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The “narrative” that both the USG and Israel keep trying to float is totally divorced from reality and also unconstitutional in two ways: fostering foreign wars without cause, and pointing covert action (media influence) as the US public using US taxpayer funds.

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