Howard Rheingold: Infotention Skills + Citizen Intel RECAP

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Howard Rheingold

Infotention Skills: From Information Overload to Knowledge Navigation

An immersive learning experience from the Institute for Social & Network Literacy

21st Century Information Fluency

Self-guided Assessment and Tutorial Packages

Phi Beta Iota:  US education, like the rest of government-dominated programs, is totally broken.  Apart from the 22% now unemployed, another 22% can expect to be unemployed when the security state collapses and secret intelligence, defense, and homeland security are cut back to a quarter of their current inflated and dysfunctional numbers.  An intelligent president with integrity would not leave those people handing–needed is an emergency Public Education program that gives all of those people (44% of the working public) a one year sabattical with structured online and face to face re-training–a PAID year of education funded by the huge cost savings that an intelligent President with integrity can quickly achieve.  Howard Rheingold is the gold standard in this arena.  Every university across America should be gearing up to offer a massive community-focused 21st Century retraining program.

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