Marcus Aurelius: Covert Action – Who’s on First?

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Marcus Aurelius

Washington Times
September 9, 2011
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Military, CIA Shun 9/11 Panel On Covert Operations

Special-ops lead urged in report

By Bill Gertz, The Washington Times

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Phi Beta Iota:  Below are the three traditional forms of covert action, and the four new forms.  CIA stinks at all of them, but so does the US military.  No amount of excellence at the tactical level can overcome either comatose leadership at the agency level, or a strategic thinking vacuum at the national leadership level.

1.  Agents of influence.  Get others to do something that is absolutely against their best interests while in the perceived best interests of the US Government (not to be confused with the public interest), no matter the cost.

2.  Media influence.  Publish crap all over the world, thinking that the rest of the world is stupid and will follow the “strategic narrative.”  This only works in “Idiot America,” where it is also illegal but overlooked.

3.  Paramilitary operations.  Fund generally corrupt armies to do bad things, including crimes against humanity, never mind the cost to the US public (e.g. the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles, a CIA by-product).

4.  Support to white collar crime.  From Wall Street to Brown & Root and others, the global crime spree by financial corporations as well as constructions corporations dabbling heavily in drugs, arms, and other forms of illicit traffic, is nurtured by CIA in the belief that it derives intangible advantages from being a party to those crimes.

5.  Rendition and torture.  Still going on, CIA continues to lie to its own Director, not just the President.

6.  Training assassination teams.  CIA did this with the Cuban exiles, then leveraged it in the orchestrated assassination of John F. Kennedy.  The Army supported the FBI in the assassination of Martin Luther King, and now US Special Forces are training Mexican military assassins, most of whom will roll over quickly to work for the cartels once their training is complete–and probably taking their equipment with them.

7.  Lying to Presidents and Congress.  This now rates its own category.  We now know that CIA lied the Kennedy about the Bay of Pigs; we now know that CIA lied to Congress about the Contras and drugs and a whole range of other topics; we speculate that today one of the  greatest challenges facing the President is the fact that the “intelligence” function in the US Government is out of control, unethical, and not delivering the truth in any form useful to the public interest.  Of course, the President's prime chall

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