Robert Steele: NO LABELS & Americans Elect Fraudulent

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Our various editors have been receiving emails from people we all deeply respect.  Below is my response on behalf of the community we represent, but strictly my personal interpretation and cautionary note.  Below was provided in email form to NO LABELS and to the circle being Moon-eized by NO LABELS.

NO LABELS and Americans Elect are both fraudulent

Folks, I have no doubt about the generally good intentions of Schultz and others, but NO LABELS is a fraud, as is Americans Elect.

Below provide some background.  Those of us who have been attentive have exposed the manipulative nature of these two entities, as well as their complete lack of transparency.  The staffers fronting for these two organizations are well-intentioned but witless of their being used, just as the Tea Party rank and file are witless of the Koch brothers financial campaign that puts the booboise in front.


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Reference: Steele at Huffington Post Updated

I was among those who urged Bloomberg to run for President in 2004, 2008, and 2012, but he has surrounded himself with establishment advisors who are not at all interested in clarity, diversity, integrity, or sustainability.  This is a follow-on to Obama selling out for $300 million in still unaccounted funding for his campaign (after he broke his promise to limit himself to public funding).  If Obama is Bush III (Lite), then NO LABELS is Bush IV (Epitaph).  Bloomberg is no longer viable, and it is possible that NO LABELS is making a natural effort to survive the collapse of a Bloomberg candidacy (New York is Ground Zero for putting black people in jail for recreational use of marijuana), but NO LABELS does not pass the smell test and lacks ethics from where I sit.

Public intelligence in the public interest is our only salvation.  It demands intelligence as well as integrity, neither of which is to be found within the back offices of NO LABELS or Americans Elect., another Bloomberg creation, is on the line–they were shocked by how quickly we destroyed the farce called NO LABELS when it came out with a Wag the Dog song and other pedestrian as well as plagarized elements.  Now Americans Elect is hiding its hedge funding (which have been exposed by citizen investigative journalism) and you will all no doubt fall prey to that scam as well.

I am available for a public meeting on this matter.

With best wishes,
Robert David STEELE Vivas
CEO (pro bono), Earth Intelligence Network

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