Mini-Me: Iranian Plot or False Flag Fraud?

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Who? Mini-Me?


U.S. Accuses Iranians of Plotting to Kill Saudi Envoy

Holder: US will hold Iran accountable in plot to assassinate Saudi ambassador

Iranian plot to kill Saudi ambassador thwarted, U.S. officials say

Alleged Iranian Terror Plotter Was Well-Known Texas Used Car Salesman

U.S. aims to “unite the world” against Iran

Iran slams plot allegations

Phi Beta Iota:  Here are some of the headlines on the alleged plot followed by our impressions in support of our view that this is a false flag endeavor crafted by the Iranian-US nut-jobs that want to inspire a nuclear attack on Iran, with support from the covert elements of the US Government (USG) that are still on that mind-set.  This is very likely an initiative by one of the “Free Iran” elements that  one of the persistent neoconservative penetrations of the USG agreed to support, and Justice is being “played” all too willingly since it helps distract from the many failures of both the Attorney General and the President. The first three people we would put under the counter-intelligence microscope are Walid Phares and Reza Kahlili and their Ayn Rand sugar daddy.  It could be–like the Underpants Bomber and the ink cartridges, an Israeli false flag, but even with the Mossad's scorn for the lack of intelligence in the U.S. Government we don't think they would concoct something quite this outlandish.

1.  Iranians don't use Iranians for this kind of thing.

2.  Bringing in any drug cartel is the LAST thing a serious planner would consider–and if you do, a professional approach would a) know who to approach and b) do it from the south not the north.

3.  Using any bank account located in the USA is totally outside the bounds of professional discretion.

4.  Targeting Israel & Saudi Arabia on US soil is the LEAST USEFUL action Iran could possibly take.

5.  The US is Iran's richest source for diasphora fund-raising–not a community to trifle with.

6.  So far $100,000 is all we have seen in alleged financial transfers.  That money is chump change in a false flag operation, and from all the publicity that has been generated, an excellent investment for the unethical clowns behind this–absent compelling proof to the contrary, this is Americans or Israelis against Americans, in my personal view, NOT the Iranian government against anyone.  They never intended to carry out the “plot,” this was meant to be discovered and create a storm–as it has.

7.  This is not a plot that would have been carried out by out of control sub-elements in Iran.  No such thing.  this is a “plot” concocted by a team of Americans who did not know enough to actually make it credible.  All things being equal, absent compelling transparent proof to the contrary, this is a false flag fraud intended to set the stage for military action against Iran by Israel with US follow-up.

It is a very sad day in history when the Iranian government has more credibility on this specific point than the US Government.  One learns the hard way that the  US government lies not just to Congress and the public, but to the US Court and to all others.  There is an integrity gap in the US Government, and therefore this entire matter and all related allegations to be highly suspect.

The media is doing NOTHING to actually get to the bottom of this.  From blond bimbos to witless Congresswomen and posturing Senators, what we are seeing on television is US idiocy on full display.

Bolton has side-stepped the Fox questions “do you believe this?” and instead focused on the Obama Administration believing it.  There is only ONE party that benefits from this idiotic, clumsy, and very very dubious plot: the neo-conservatives still in power in the covert world, and the US-based Iranian exiles that have selective support from neo-conservatives still embedded in the Departments of State and Defense and CIA.

There will be regime change in Iran–and in the USA as well as elsewhere–it will come at the behest of the people.  Any foreign power persisting in trying to manipulate movements, state, and resources for selfish gain is destined to fail, but they will fail at great cost to the rest of us. We simply should not believe Iran is behind this plot, and instead consider the possibility that everything the US Government has done “in our name” against Libya and many other southern hemisphere states has been far over the line and richly deserving of investigation, indictment, impeachment, and conviction at multiple levels from pilot to president.

Technical Note on False Flag Operations:  They are called false flag precisely because the unwitting dupes doing the dirty think they are doing it for X when in fact it is a controlled operation by Y against Z.  There is no contradiction between the young Nigerian confessing and pleading guilty, and a false flag operation that whisked him through a European airport, got him on a plane for the US without a passport, got him admitted to the US without a passport (the alleged passport was produced 18 months later and is probably a forgery), and then filmed the whole thing with the man doing the filming never being brought forward.  What the FBI did when they helped create the bomb that was used to attack the WTC in 1993 is precisely the process of a false flag operation, where the unwitting party seeks one outcome and the false flag sponsor another.

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