Robert Steele: #OWS is Not Hitler Against the Jews

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

There are a handful of men and women serving the U.S. Government whom I hold in the very highest regard.  One of them sent me this message today.

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If young Adolph Hitler was in the US today and he wanted to start a movement, who would he attack? The Jews.  Where would he find them? In the same place the 9-11 hijackers found them — Wall Street.  He would
try to bring down the ruling government by bringing down the economy.  Anarchy benefits who?  Al Qaida, anarchists of various types, and anyone wanting to destroy the government — from the outside of from within.  Be careful what you fall in love with.

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Sadly, this tracks with the “party line” that the extreme right is putting forth, and could not be further from the truth.  Just as the Democrats are beginning to realize that #OWS wants nothing to do with them or their NGO fronts, the extremist Republicans are starting to sense that the threat to their taking the White House is neither Obama nor Romney, but an Independent movement with a facilitator running for President (leaders are out, facilitators are in) whose sole singular objective is Electoral Reform.  #OWS is very squishy, and they appear to be missing the opportunity to demand an Electoral Reform Act with the demand made by 6 November and the deadline set for 15 February.  This may still arise from the catalytic convergence of many forces.

The key to understanding #OWS is that it is NOT an institutionalization of anything–it is the opposite of institutionalization.  It rejects parties, including third, fourth, and fifth parties.  It rejects banks controlling the money and government controlling the programs.  It is seeking a new paradigm, one that displaces Epoch A top-down hierarchical “because I said so” Rule by Secrecy, and substitutes Epoch B bottom-up consensus prizing multicultural inputs and taking the long view.

Change is messy.  Now that we have laughed Bloomberg's NO LABELS and its sequel America Elects into oblivion, there is no “front” ready to step into the vacuum created by the two-party implosion that can be traced directly to the combination of total corruption and total transparency–GRIFTOPIA meets the Internet.

Missing right now is the bridge figure who can articulate the concerns of #OWS while illuminating the path toward moral capitalism and restored democracy.  I personally believe that the Electoral Reform Act of 2012 is the essential intermediate step toward a Constitutional Amendment that removes electoral matters–including state-level gerrymandering and other forms of political corruption–from the two-party tyranny's control.

#OWS is not Hitler against the Jews.  #OWS is not even 99% against the 1%.  #OWS is We the People rejecting the “rigged” system that has combined political crime with financial crime while the government bureaucracy stands idly by enabling and condoning massive treason against the Republic.  #OWS is a reset button for the Republic, against a neo-fascist state.  #OWS in my view is the one path to a non-violent restoration of the Republic and the values for which the Republic has stood, assorted pecadillos and crimes against humanity not-withstanding.

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