Mini-Me: Graduates versus Oligarchs–Reality Knocking

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Who? Mini-Me?

Paul Krugman recollects a point he made years ago that Chuck Spinney and Joseph Stiglitz and Martin Auerbach have been pressing home for over a decade.  Absentee landlords and capital flight from the heartland.  TWO sucking chest wounds.

Graduates Versus Oligarchs

Paul Krugman

New York Times, 1 November 2011

Dean Baker raises an important point here: it’s really awfully late in the game to be saying that the important inequality issue is college graduates versus non-graduates. It’s not clear that this was ever true, and it certainly hasn’t been true for a while.

I wrote about this years ago, using Ben Bernanke’s maiden testimony as Fed chair as an entry point. As I said then, Bernanke — like many others — had made:

a fundamental misreading of what’s happening to American society. What we’re seeing isn’t the rise of a fairly broad class of knowledge workers. Instead, we’re seeing the rise of a narrow oligarchy: income and wealth are becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small, privileged elite.

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