DefDog: Cyber-Idiocy Rules

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Still fixation on monolithic threats…..where are errors and ommissions, poor coding, etc?

Rethinking cyber warfare

Scott Borg:  Cyber warfare will require us to rethink every aspect of defence.  Our current weapons and defence systems will still be needed, but the way we use them will become very different.  A major cyber assault could completely bypass our military forces.  It would not require incoming airplanes, missiles, ships, or troops.  The attack could suddenly appear inside the computerized equipment of our major industries.  The identity of the country or organization that was responsible could be impossible to determine quickly or with complete confidence.  The cyber assault could cause almost any kind of damage that could be produced by the human operators of computerized equipment.  In fact, a cyber attack could cause many kinds of damage that the human operators of industrial equipment could only achieve by reprogramming their controls.

Phi Beta Iota:  Nobody has learned anything since NSA first learned about hackers and then was told to focus on both the security of corporation communications and the need for a national secure information infrastructure.  The above perspective is uninformed, and also dangerous for its idiotic suggestion that we should militarize all domestic systems.

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