Event: 30 June London Gathering of the Commons

03 Economy, 11 Society, Advanced Cyber/IO, Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics

School of Commoning

Invitation to the gathering of the commons, 30th June, 1-5 pm

Something new is moving, coming alive in London and it’s powerful. Similar to any big change in nature, it started in a way noticeable only to relatively few but have no doubt, it will grow fast and wide.

Whether you attended one in 12-day/12-seminar series on The Emergence of a Commons-based Economy or join us at the next gathering, you will not only learn about how you can reclaim the commons in your life and work, but also, contribute to the tide that will raise the boat of all commoners.

You are warmly invited to bring your dreams, questions, enthusiasm to co-creating a Commons-based society, one commons at a time.

The working groups that  self-organised around different vital themes of the commons, the last day of the Quilligan seminars, will present their work, are keen to hear your voice and look forward to your participation. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to start your own working group if you feel inspired and find others to join you.

We are actually co-creating our shared future starting right now and you can initiate and participate in whatever area is closest to your heart bringing all your passion, experience and skills to share for the common good.

The questions that we plan to explore together include:

What are the resources that our nascent commons already has and what other resources essential our livelihood and well-being do we need to develop and how?

For example, how can we map and organise the growing list of videos, articles, blogs, and websites that reflect the best thinking and practices about commons building in order to make them more accessible and useful?

What qualities do we need to embody, which make us good listeners for what wants to emerge through us?

What are the new stories, images, and metaphors that can change today’s dominant narrative and support the emergence of a commons based society?

If you want to reserve your place, go to our meet-up site and click on the “RSVP” button in the upper right corner. Use the comment feature of that page to post your burning question, and tell us what you’d like to offer to, and what results you’d like to see from the gathering.

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