Mini-Me: Breaking — Israel Behind Libyan and Egyptian Mobs & Death of US Ambassador, 2 Marines, and 1 Other? CIA Asset Terry Jones, Romney Funders?

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Who? Mini-Me?


Embassy Killings in Libya, the Stench of CIA/Mossad “False Flag”

Real Intelligence Reports at Total Odds with Reported News

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Veterans Today, 13 September 2012


Investigations by me, published yesterday on Press TV’s website, cited “Reverand” and “Doctor” Terry Jones as the source of the videos cited for instigating violence across the Middle East. 

Our investigation into Jones past showed him to be a trained CIA asset with direct ties to the Mossad. He served in Germany for years as an organizer for the CIA under the highly secret “Gladio” program until expelled by the German government.  You can be a CIA agent, even a terrorist bomber but in Germany, if you buy a mail order PhD, it is a crime.  “Dr.” Terry Jones would have been better off had he called himself “Agent” Terry Jones.

VT offers its heartfelt condolences to the family of Ambassador Stevens and the families of the other Americans lost in Libya.

Here is an MSNBC clip covering their “day late” discovery of Jones at the heart of what is a conspiracy, not only to cause unrest but as a cover for assassinations of US diplomats by highly trained special operations teams.

. . . . . . . see entire article with clips. . . . . . . .


The reasons for the entire operation are several.  Two in particular are mentioned by analysts who actually observed some of the advance planning in both Egypt and Libya.

There are more than two, however.

  • Netanyahu wished to embarrass President Obama after receiving a “slight” over his upcoming visit to the US.  Though Obama phoned Netanyahu, there will be no White House visit.
  • Netanyahu and his US affiliates carefully orchestrated these terror acts with supporters of the Romney camp including the “donors” responsible for the production of the original film.
  • CIA cooperation in an attack on American diplomats was arranged through Bush era intermediaries who manage contractor firms that are now tasked with all CIA “black ops”
  • Netanyahu is very upset at the US for scaling back joint military operations and actually citing Israel, during secret briefings, as a potential threat to US forces.
  • Netanyahu has been further emotionally destabilized by nearly violent confrontations with US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, a close friend of President Obama’s.

As more information comes available and we are able to provide additional verifications, all printed above carries “double” verification already, we will keep our readers informed.

Read entire article with video clips and photos.

Phi Beta Iota:  This is very serious stuff.  Those inclined to blow it off should remember the USS Liberty.  There is no atrocity the Israeli Zionists are unwilling to commit, and up to this point, no Israeli atrocity the White House and Congress have not been willing to cover up.  It is important to distinguish between CIA and DoD as generally honorable institutions, and the neo-Nazi or dual US-Israeli loose cannons that have made common cause with Zionists in their own image, the neoconservatives, the evangelicals and pentecostals  — some of the same people that participated in the assassination of JFK, RFK, and MLK…..and more recently, JFK Jr..  Also note that the accusation against special forces is not against JSOG, but against UAE special forces allegedly trained by the Mossad [however, Ambassador is said to have died of smoke inhalation while in an improperly designed safe room].  In combination with Greg Palast: GOP Is Going to Steal 2012 Election — and No One Will Stop It or Complain, the incumbent President would be well within his rights both to demand an Electoral Reform Act of 2012 [one that puts all federal candidates on all state ballots, reveals and reverses voter registration caging (while providing an election day remedy) and also requires paper ballots hand-counted in public at the precinct leve]l; and also to appoint a Commission to investigate these allegations, publicly, over the next 30 days.  Gordon Duff does tend to take liberties — he completely misinterpreted the incidental shrapnel against General Dempsey's aircraft in Afghanistan–but on balance, this is such a serious allegation, it must be investigated.

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