Berto Jongman: Top 10 Whistle Blowers

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Berto Jongman

Top 10 Most Influential Whistleblowers

The subject of insiders — or “whistleblowers” — is somewhat tricky; anyone on the inside is often presumed to be compromised by their former allegiance. Nonetheless, the nature of government work is rooted in compartmentalization. So, perhaps the best indication as to whether whistleblowers have something valid to say is the level of persecution they have endured.

The following whistleblowers have endured a varying degree of pushback from the system, but are still around to reveal key points of information that make us all question what we are being told by our government and the corporate media.

List Only, In Order Presented:

01 Jesslyn Radack, Department of Justice
02 Thomas Drake, National Security Agency
03 William Binney, National Security Agency
04 Matt Klein, AT&T for the National Security Agency
05 Sibel Edmonds, Federal Bureau of Investigation
06 Susan Linauer, Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Justice
07 Anthony Shaffer, Department of Defense
08 Joe Banister, Internal Revenue Service
09 Bradley Manning, Departments of Defense and State
10 Julian Assange, WikiLeaks

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