Gordon Duff: An Alternative View of the Benghazi False Flag Murder of US Ambassador

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Gordon Duff

Imaginary Planes, Imaginary CIA Armies, All Invented as Election Ploy

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor (with Top US Intel Specialists)

Veterans Today, 26 October 2012

A trained team of up to 120 [foreign] special forces personnel with radio jammers and heavy weapons killed the US ambassador.  There were only two America CIA employees in Libya.  The news stories are all fabrications.

The killing of Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi has become a ghoulish election ploy played by Fox News, Huffington Post and others.  All are printing and broadcasting conjecture, total falsehood and the usual biased and unreliable garbage they are famous for.

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The ambush at Benghazi required careful coordination.  There was no Al Qaeda involvement and there has never been any history of Al Qaeda on the ground in Libya.  Moreover, intelligence insiders use the term “Al Qaeda” when looking for money from “congressional critters” too stupid to know that the CIA has always run “Al Qaeda” as a way of avoiding explaining why dozens of small organizations and even friendly intelligence groups will, for obscure reasons, attack American targets.

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Phi Beta Iota:  We have no direct knowledge.  UPDATE of 12 Nov 2012 — we now believe the attack was sponsored by Syria and/or Russia, and should be viewed in conjunction with the car bomb death of a Lebanese general critical to CIA's amatuerish arms smuggling from Libya to Syrian rebels via Turkey.  See Robert Steele: Post-Benghazi — Open Season on CIA?

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