Owl: Tribunal in Malaysia Convicts George Bush and Five Others (in Absentia) as War Criminals

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

More on US war criminals as convicted by a tribunal in Malaysia.

Crime Watch: American Presidents and their Advisors are War Criminals

Especially this part:

“Most Americans, their minds focused at the moment on the tragic slaughter of 20 young children aged 5-10, along with five teachers and a school principal in Connecticut by a heavily-armed psychotic 21-year-old, are blissfully unaware that their last president, George W. Bush, along with five key members of his administration, were convicted in absentia of war crimes earlier this month at a tribunal in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

They are unaware because the US corporate media have ignored the story, just as that same corporate media have failed to note that the crimes of which Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and five White House lawyers, were convicted all could apply equally well to current President Barack Obama and his administration.

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Bush, Cheney, White House counsel (and later Attorney General) Alberto Gonzalez and others were found guilty earlier this month of war crimes and crimes against humanity relating to the executive orders that launched the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as of authorizing and failing to punish torture and other war crimes by US forces, including the military and the CIA.”

Phi Beta Iota:  The day will come when US presidents and their co-conspirators will be shipped overseas for public trial, much as we have been doing to others, including rendition and torture at lower levels, when it has been convenient for us.  With all of the challenges facing the USA today, the one thing we can and should control is our own behavior and our own irresponsible foreign and defense policies.  We need to embrace ethical evidence-based decision-making.  Intelligence with integrity — the time is now.

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