Review (DVD): Dark Legacy — Compelling Public Indictment of George Bush Senior as CIA Lead for Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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John Hankey

5.0 out of 5 stars Six Star Special — Poetic, Compelling — Sufficient to Indict George Bush Sr., January 18, 2013

I have reviewed a number of the non-fiction books about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and received this film as a gift from an Amazon reader who appreciated my book reviews.

First off, the film is superbly professional and poetic in its opening, a panoramic survey of John F. Kennedy and why he mattered, as a President representing the 99%, as a President striving for peace and against the US military industrial complex (books show that Khruschev had the same problem with his own military complex).

Crucifies ABC's Peter Jennings for being part of a cover-up and nationally-televised propaganda film lying to the public. As an intelligence professional who has written extensively about information pathologies, I hold the captured corporate media in great disdain, and consider all of them to be craven to the nth degree.

I have to say that as good as the movie is, it absolutely had to be valued in the context of the books that provide vastly more detail. This movie is a summary — a very compelling and gifted presentation of the totality of the assassination including details and excellent photographic and video reviews, but the movie is only good enough to INDICT George Bush Senior, not enough to convict.

The record is incontrovertible. Kennedy was killed by a combination of Texas oil money and Texas political influence combined with a CIA element, perhaps a rogue element perhaps not, led by George Bush Senior, and utilizing the Cuban exiles trained and equipped by CIA to assassinate Castro, but so furious over the Bay of Pigs they were happy to be part of the assassination. Few understand that CIA set JFK up, lied to him about the prospects of the invasion, and generally committed treason in lying to the President and failing to be professional in all matters pertaining to Cuba.

The record is incontrovertible. LBJ actively conspired to cover up the assassination and willfully manipulated the Warren Commission and all public perceptions because he was deathly afraid of being found out to have peddled influence and in many other ways violated his oath of office as Vice President, mostly in relation to illegal influence peddling within the grounds of the White House itself.

The movie is flawed in not dismissing Oswald as a shooter. He was a patsy having lunch and standing in the doorway as the motorcade went by, there is now a photo of him standing in the doorway. He is also KNOWN to have tested completely negative for gunpower residue, a result that was quickly covered up. Where the movie is strongest is in illuminating SEVEN bullets instead of the one.

The details are compellingly narrated and illustrated with video that has been seamlessly edited together.

It makes me very very sad to watch this movie. I have known for some time that JFK was killed by a mix of CIA, New Orleans mafia, and Texas money, and that Martin Luther King was probably killed by a US Army sniper on detail to the FBI, but it is only in recent years that I have recognized that it was the fact that these people found it so easy to GET AWAY WITH the murder of the president, that changed US politics forever. Every President since JFK has known that they are hostage to assassination and that the Secret Service is theater.

The movie makes it absolutely clear that the entire murder scene was controlled by the CIA team under the probable leadership of George Bush Senior, to include a driver for the President that braked the car for the seven shots instead of speeding away after the first shot; the motorcycles and Secret Service people were pulled back from the President's car, and fake Secret Service people, no doubt with credentials created by the Office of Technical Services (OTS) that has always done this kind of thing very well.

The body, instead of being autopsied in Dallas, was quickly moved to Bethesda where military forces could control and manipulate the findings. It appears, not just in this case, but in many others, military autopsies can be ordered up to arrive at pre-determined cover-ups. The body was actually MOVED from one ceremonial casket to another, and between the two caskets, surgury was performed to change the wounds in the head, and the body was put in a body bag that did NOT originate in Dallas.

There are many, many dead bodies associated with the Bush Family — and also the Clinton Family — just as there are many, many dead Colonels, including Col James Sabow, USMC (Aviation), murdered by Marines on the direct orders of the Commandant or the Assistant Commandant, to keep him from exposing the CIA's running of drugs into El Toro. It just stabs me in the heart to recognize how many people — good officers every one — have been so easily murdered, and the US Government, ostensibly the people's government — covers it up.

This movie is a stellar example of what smart honest people can do working against enormous forces that seek to obscure and mislead.

Here are books I have reviewed that bear out this movie–although as I have to say, this movie has introduced me to the entire story in a manner that is very coherent and admirably compelling.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters
A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK's Assassination, and the Case That Should Have Changed History
Someone Would Have Talked
Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination Reprint edition by Waldron, Lamar; Hartmann, Thom published by Counterpoint Paperback
JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy (Second Edition)
Tears of Autumn: A Paul Christopher Novel (Paul Christopher Novels)
Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine

See Also:
Files on JFK
The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs
An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King

This movie is DEEP — thoughtful, meticulous, just amazing. The discussion of how the body was mutilated to cover up the grassy knoll shots, is especially original, not something I have read about.

It is not until Part III of the movie that Richard Helms, Howard Hunt, Frank Sturges, and George Bush Senior, all employed by the CIA. Maurita Lorentz is a tremendous witness to the fact of Frank Sturges leading two station wagons of men from Miami to Dallas where they linked up with Hunt who handed out the plans and money. This was the killer team. There were also surgical teams, witness control teams, the patsy team, etcetera.

Richard Nixon is tied in, having employed Jack Ruby as an information collector, and he was in Dallas as well. Later he brought Connelly in as Secretary of the Treasury. The movie places Nixon as a paid employee taking order from “really big devils” — Duponts and Rockefellers.

There is an interesting side show on Hoover investigating Duponts and Rockefellers for supporting the Nazis, and ties in Prescott Bush as the head of the Nazi bank in the USA (the Union Bank), with Fritz Tyson. The Bush-Nazi connection turns out to be fundamental to understanding the later history of the Bush family. Prescott Bush sponsored Nixon's early days. The movie climaxes with George Bush Senior being shown as the key man orchestrating the JFK assassination, after tracing a number of connections.

Interesting coverage of Kennedy ordering Hoover to find CIA's secret training camps for Cubans, and Oswald being an FBI information against the CIA that was his employer. Hoover may have been tipped off by Oswald to the larger plan — one of the books I cite above says that JFK knew there was an assassination planned against him, the 29 November 1963 memo from Hoover to State about a “mis-guided anti-Castro group” naming George Bush of CIA as the key man.

Allen Dulles and Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman and Bill Casey and Richard Bissell (fired by JFK) are all tied together. Skull and Bones is featured as well.

The movie can be said to over-reach somewhat, drawing many conclusions from relationships and documents that are not necessarily incontrovertible, The possibility that Zapata Oil may have been a CIA cover company in direct support of CIA's anti-Castro camps.

I have no direct knowledge, obviously. I also believe in Truth and Reconciliation Commmissions rather than punitive justice against individuals. This movie is so compelling, that if I had the power, I would demand the deposition of George Bush Senior on this matter, before he dies. More evidence will come out eventually. I am seeing more and more that 40-50 years appears to be the time frame for atrocities to be fully understood.

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. We have to get a grip. This movie is one starting point.

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