SchwartzReport: Criminal Insanity in America – TSA, Monsanto, Scientologists

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schwartz reportTSA to Remove Controversial X-ray Scanners
JOSHUA FREED , Business Writer – The Associated Press

We spent several billion dollars on this this ill-conceived program, and it has come to this.

Monsanto Versus the People
CHARLOTTE SILVER – Aljazeera (Qatar)

Prop 37 went down in California thanks to a million dollar a day ad campaign funded by the pro-GMO corporate interests. But the fight against GMOs has not ended. Here is the latest on this trend.

15 Scientology Revelations From Lawrence Wright’s ‘Going Clear’
The Daily Beast

Scientology is such a bizarre organization, and so obviously the creation of a man with serious mental health issues, that it has always been hard to understand how some very competent people get involved — I had several scientist friends who got completely embroiled in it, much to my consternation. Lawrence Wright who is a meticulous journalist has searched out the truth about Scientology ! and produced an extraordinary non-fiction work of investigative reporting, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.

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