Wayne Madsen: CIA Report on Pollard, Israel-South Africa Nuclear Proliferation, Israel Trading US Nuclear Secrets to Russia

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Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen

CIA Report: Israel Guilty of Nuclear Proliferation

Israeli spy was central cog in nuclear weapons proliferation alliance

It is clear that during the middle of December of last year that the Obama White House had settled on former Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to be the Secretary of Defense.

The U.S. Intelligence Community and defense establishment was told to come up with a strategy to combat the expected strong opposition to the nomination of the critical of Israel Hagel by that nation’s lobby in the United States.

The pro-Hagel circles needed a secret weapon to counteract the Israel supporters who would stress that Hagel was not supportive of the «special relationship» between the United States and Israel.

There was no better way to demonstrate that Israel was no special ally of the United States but a longtime hostile intelligence threat to America by declassifying a large part of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Damage Report arising from the intense espionage carried out by one-time U.S. Naval Intelligence spy Jonathan Jay Pollard on behalf of Israel.

The declassification of the long-classified Pollard report was made on December 16, 2012. However, the first substantial media reports on the report began around December 26.

The Jewish media, including Yeshiva World, Tablet Magazine, and Jewish Week, contended the report only showed that Pollard disclosed classified information on Arab and Soviet military capabilities, ignoring the fact that Pollard’s disclosures revealed the nature of U.S. intelligence sources and methods in obtaining such information, thereby putting U.S. civilian and military assets in extreme jeopardy.

The one major explosive revelation in the declassified report is Pollards’ involvement in a highly-classified Israeli-South African program to test a nuclear weapon in the South Atlantic/South Indian Ocean region in September 1979.

The Pollard Damage Assessment was prepared by the Director of Central Intelligence’s Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis Committee and issued on October 30, 1987.

The report reveals for the first time that Pollard began working as a U.S. naval intelligence watch officer the same month that Israel and South Africa, possibly with the financial support of Taiwan, detonated a nuclear device in the South Atlantic/South Indian Ocean near South Africa’s Prince Edward Islands.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Pollard is not the hero the Israelis make him out to be.  He is a traitor who shopped his wares to a number of countries including South Africa before Israel found ways to guide him.  There are multiple “crime families” in the USA, evidently all of them with working relationships with both the CIA and the FBI.  They cooperate, and the compete.  Israel has its own crime family across the USA, consisting of Mossad officers who have many “sayonim” (Jewish “helpers”) to call upon.  Foreign management of US ports is clearly an issue, as is the virtual void in US counterintelligence, particularly when dealing with “friendly spies.”  The dual chain of command relating to nuclear weapons and selected CIA assets is worthy of more study.

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