Review (Guest): The Terror Factory – Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism

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Trevor Aaronson

5.0 out of 5 stars Orange Alert! January 10, 2013

By Scott

Prosecutions of *actual* terrorists in America since 9/11/01 can be counted on one hand (Moussoui, Zazi, Shazad, Abdulmuttalab). All of the rest are bogus, with at least 50 being straight-up entrapment jobs by the FBI and their handsomely paid (by you) informants.

The next time some real terrorists plot to blow something up in America, the FBI will no doubt miss it, being too busy tricking the slowest kid down at the Islamic bookstore into praising Osama for the promise of $20,000.

The courts have let them get away with it, so thank goodness there are a few decent reporters left willing to challenge the feds on their third-world ways.

Trevor Aaronson ably describes the FBI agent-informant entrapment business, tells the story of wholly innocent and mostly-innocent people who could-would never have become terrorists but for the provocateur sent to frame them up, the ruthless blackmail used by the feds to terrorize average Joe Muslims to become informants/provocateurs, the perverse incentives driving them to continue the same policy and the mass media credulity that helps make it all possible.

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