SchwartzReport: Fake Medicine More Lucrative than Cocaine — Failure of Governance on a Global Scale

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schwartz reportLike the horsemeat scandal in Europe this report on fake pharmaceuticals shows what happens when appropriate regulation is not maintained, because industries capture the regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect us, and the Congress is in the pocket of those industries as well. Once again we face the bitter fruit produced by anti-regulations forces. The t! ruth is we have become a thoroughly corrupted nation and, until we find the strength to speak truth to power it will only continue.

More Lucrative Than Cocaine: Fake Medicine On The Rise
CHRISTOPHER WEAVER – The Wall Street Journal

The risks of fake and flawed medicines have leapt from developing nations to Western supply chains, thanks to gaps in oversight of drug wholesalers, lax law enforcement, and ineffective tactics for tracking drugs as they change hands, according to a report released Wednesday by the Institute of Medicine.

‘It’s distressing to see vividly just how huge a problem it is in the United States,” said Larry Gostin, a Georgetown University law professor and World Health Organization adviser who led the study. ‘It’s more lucrative to traffic in illegitimate drugs than cocaine or heroin,” he said.

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