Yoda: Police Murder Lt Chris Dorner, USNR(Sep)

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Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Dark, the force is.

Murder, this is.

How We Kill:Christopher Dorner and the “Burner”


CounterPunch, Weekend Edition February 15-17, 2013

The tactics employed against Christopher Dorner by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department are attracting an awkward amount of interest since an audiotape surfaced with law enforcement officials referring to a munition as a “burner”.

As in (all quotes from the Feb. 15, 2013 LA Times report titled “As Dorner fired, tactics got tougher”):

“We’re going to go forward with the plan, with the burner,” the unidentified officer said, according to a recording of police radio transmissions reviewed by The Times.

   “Seven burners deployed,” another officer responded several seconds later, according to the transmission which has circulated widely among law enforcement officials. “And we have a fire.”

. . . . . . . .

The thought processes of the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department—which had lost one of their own to Dorner—are probably reflected in an alleged transcription from the radio chatter that the LA Times demurely declined to reproduce, but was reported by the no-holds barred NY Post:

“Burn this motherf–ker!” one officer shouted …Amid sounds of gunfire, voices can be heard shouting, “Burn it down!” and “Shoot the gas!”

Phi Beta Iota:  This was murder, plain and simple.  Any properly (which is to say, ethically and professional managed) stand-off such as this would have had a negotiator brought, used a third party such as a Navy retired Admiral and a SEAL team to provide security for Lt Dorner against the LAPD and San Bernadino legalized murder of an honorably discharged veteran.

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