Mini-Me: Boston Media Manipulation, Known Veteran Double-Amputee Brought in as Actor — Amputees in Action Business — Clergy Barred from “Injured” UPDATE 1.4

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


Tell others please — Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, The Nation — now is the time for the public to come together.

Update 1.4  There is a very good chance no one was actually injured and this was a “no real blood” false flag.  Tell others.  The second post below is the new master post with links to all other posts.

Mini-Me: Clergy Kept From Injured in Boston — and Now the Injured Have Vanished….

Gordon Duff: Col James Hanke, USA (Ret) on Five False Flags in USA, Dick Cheney Rogue Chain of Command into JSOG, and Bi-Furcated USG (Both Dual Chains of Command & Competing Rogue Elements) + Boston Meta-RECAP + 5 Comments

Update 1.3 to add focus on collapse of corrupt media, bloggers rule plus prediction: USA will lose freedom of speech and freedom of assembly next, town by town.  Oathkeepers and bloggers are all that stand between American the Beautiful and practical tyranny.

Theophillis Goodyear: Time for an Open-Source Truth Blitz on CNN and the Boston Bombing Story — Calling All Bloggers — Kick the Crap Out of CNN, Fox Et Al on Boston NOW — May the Force Be With You!

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Update 1.2 to add YouTube of specific media manipulation:

YouTube (4:58)  MSNBC Totally Twists The Mother's Reaction To Sons Link To Boston Bombing

UPDATE 1.1 to show the switch taking place and add trauma EMT comments:

Pictures That Prove Double Amputee Was An Actor at Boston Bombings

Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?


Crisis Actors — Amputees are real, the wounds are not

Amputees in Action – bringing dramatic realism to army exercises

In the compelling video below, direct manipuatlion of NBC footage is shown, and one of the alleged wounded is identified as a known double amputee being used as an actor to fake a new double amputation.

Phi Beta Iota:  It is now known that bomb-sniffing dogs were all over the event and should have, would have, “alerted” on a couple of homemade bombs.  The government stories being replayed by the media are simply not credible.  There has been no grid plot, no showing of where every victim was, nor have the actual victims, their limbs, and the scrap metal produced.  It is now highly likely that this was a staged event in two phases: explosions, prepared staged wounded, perhaps a few innocent by-standers also killed or wounded; and then a second stage, at an Israeli-controlled hospital, of fabricating the alleged treatment of actors as if it were real.  All signs point to this being a totally controlled, totally manufactured event.   The extraordinary number of amputees claimed, in contrast to the very limited number of those killed and wounded (none amputated) by past pressure cooker bombs, appears to result directly from one bright idea (use real amputees to fake new amputees) carried to excess.  The below YouTube has not been validated — it merely provides addition grounds for public concern about the lack of a coherent credible narrative for the Boston event.  As of today we have not found photographs of more than 10 alleged victims, and there are no photographs of victims at the hospital or interviews with victims after the fact.

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