SchwartzReport: New Solution on Water Purification — and Three Corporate Evil Stories — Media, Patents, Monsanto

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schwartz reportAlthough those of us in the developed nations take potable water for granted the fact is for several billion people it is a major matter of urgent stress. Here is a new technology that may help relieve this problem.  Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Biopolymer-reinforced synthetic granular nanocomposites for affordable point-of-use water purification, PNAS, Published online before print May 6, 2013, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1220222110

Nano-scientists Develop New Kind of Portable Water Purification System

I have written extensively about the bias of the media and, particularly, the use of false equivalencies. (For a discussion of this see my esssay: False Equivalencies and the Mediocrity of Nonlocal Consciousness Research Criticism:! . Here is proof of my argument.   Click through to see the charts which accompany this piece. They will appall you when you see how incredibly compromised American corporate media has become.

How New York Times, NPR And Wall Street Journal Print Fossil Fuel Talking Points Without Full Disclosure
REBECCA LEBER – Climate Progress

Here in a very clear exegetic essay Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz spells out the whole sordid story of the attempt by corporations to patent and own life forms.

Lives versus Profits
JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ, PHD, Nobel Laureate Economist – Project Syndicate

Here in one essay the true dimensions of the corruption of The U.S. Department of Agriculture by Monsanto is made clear.

Monsanto Has Taken Over the USDA
DAVID SWANSON – Nation of Change

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