Sheila Casey: Dave McGowan Photo Essay on Boston False Flag Theater

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Sheila Casey

Dave McGowan has written the best thing I’ve seen on the actors at the Boston bombing.  I challenge anyone who can claim an IQ above 80 to read this and still believe that this was a genuine attack with real victims, real blood, real terrorists.   McGowan’s not only a great researcher and writer, he manages to be laugh-out-loud funny at the same time.  Of course, given the obvious absurdity of the stories we’ve been told, humor comes pretty naturally in this situation.   There are 6 parts, with lots of photos, all linked on his home page.  This is not to be missed!

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I need to add that Dave clearly changes his views as he progresses through the six part series.  In the first part, he writes:

I need to be very clear here in stating that I am not arguing that no one was injured in the attack and that there was no real suffering. That undoubtedly was not the case.

but by the 6th part, having spent many days wading through photos and news reports, he no longer believes that there are any real victims.  He writes:

…these are people who have sold their souls and sold out their country. They are beneath contempt and nothing I have to say about them should really offend anyone.

(Part 1)  Debunks major reported injuries with photos of alleged victims, shows how shrapnel allegedly shredded clothes without drawing blood.

(Part 2)  Totally exploded the alleged double-amputee and selected others with photographs and commentary.

(Part 3)  Slams more alleged victims, pressure cooker that did not actually hurt anyone, adds photos of National Guard exercise actors with truly horrendous fake wounds, all smiling.

(Part 4)  More compelling photographs showing no shrapnel damage around the alleged bombs (including in the cloth screen lining the route at the finish), more compelling evidence victims were posed, carted, and released.

(Part 5)  Some very interesting text and photos on victims coming out from behind the blown out windows, and theaterical bomb having gone off higher up the building and not on the ground.  Slams the Fucktard sisters and doctored photos showing alleged wounds.

(Part 6)  Compellingly slams the doctors claiming to have seen severed legs, their spotless clothing — Dr. Allan Punter, Dr. Martin Levine, Dr. Albert Pendleton, Dr. Chad Beattie, Dr. Sushrut Jangi, Dr. Richard Guynes, Dr. Gregory Antoine, Nurse Alix Coletta.  Slams the final fabrication, the “stench of burning flesh.”  Finishes off “Carlos” and the double amputee actor with the fake femoral artery.  Ends with observation on the online fund-raising being done by the fake victims.

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