SchwartzReport: US Star Chamber “Disposition List,” NSA Revelation Feed Anti-Americanism, US Courts Against US Citizens

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schwartz reportThis is the new warfare. It is the obvious next step in asymmetrical conflict. Lower risk for Americans, and probably cheaper. But, I wonder, is it making more enemies than it is eliminating? If I lived in a little village in the Afghan mountains and, in the middle of night, a drone strike blew up one of the houses, killing a neighbor family, I might have some serous attitude about it.

Obama’s Secret Kill List – the Disposition Matrix
IAN COBAIN – The Guardian (U.K.)

There is a growing anti-American attitude taking root in Europe, one already well-established in the Islamic world, and parts of Asia. The long term consequences of this are not going to be happy. But our foreign policy barely deals with it.

Snowden Revelations Stir Up Anti-US Sentiment
GEOFF DYER – Financial Times (U.K.)

More and more judicial decisions, particularly those of Republican appointed judges, overwhelmingly favor corporations over people. These decisions get almost no coverage in the media, but they have real and far-reaching consequences. Here’s an example of what I mean.

In Chilling Ruling, Chevron Is Granted Access to Amazon Activists’ Private Emails
JUAN COLE – Informed Comment

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