Berto Jongman: Russia’s Illegals and “Day X” Behind the Lines General War Plan

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

An inside look into Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service – mysterious Directorate “S”, Department “12″


“The formula Day X in our documents meant the beginning of a large scale war against the west. Our department 12 (together with department 8) was in charge of perpetrating acts of sabotage and terror on the enemy territory…to participate in so called: direct actions, which are clandestine acts of biological sabotage and terrorism against potential strike targets. These included: “Army targets and classified biological warfare ammunition, stockpiles, military garrisons, bases and military (and other) defense commands, like those which surveillance of biological weapons activities. Civil targets included public drinking water systems, food stores and pharmaceutical and biotechnological plants, also the economy.”

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

He concluded by saying: “our tools for these actions included, first and foremost our illegals, whom we had planted in the target country. These were the most reliable, well trusted special agents.”

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Phi Beta Iota: We interpret the book’s value in relation to what truly clandestine intelligence organizations are capable of, and planning for.  CIA has become an embarrassment to the Republic — it knows nothing about the real world, and expends its energy on drone warfare that has a proven 98% collateral damage ratio (kills 98 innocents for every two plausible target personalities).  It’s clandestine case officers are not clandestine — and in some places, go to meetings in convoys surrounded by guys with ink.  They are, in short, a global laughingstock, with a Director that could soon be indicted for very serious crimes against humanity, never mind his culpability in getting an Ambassador and US citizens killed in Benghazi.  We are long over-due for a complete makeover of US intelligence, restoring its purpose (decision-support), its methods (thinking), and its sources (all sources, and particularly non-digital and overt human sources), and its integrity (real counterintelligence instead of lip service counterintelligence).

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