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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This is the latest in a trend that I have been writing about for almost 20 years: the over-medication of children. The treatment of children in the United States in so many ways is one of the most depressing things about our culture.

Are too Many Kids Taking Antipsychotic Drugs?
Consumer Reports

This is the latest in a string of reports concerning an international trend that holds profound implications for our future. Once again we are being told that the way we order the world is out of balance. We place profit ahead of wellness.

Countdown: Sperm Counts in Freefall
The Economist (U.K.)

Here is the latest on the American Gulag at the Federal level. It is a shameful story.

Government Watchdog: We Have a Growing Federal Prison ‘Crisis’
ANDREW COHEN – The Atlantic

There seems little doubt that 9/11 was maneuvered to achieve some things while suppressing others. But, as usual, over time the truth leaks out. This is a conservative site, but the claims made in this report are documented.

Inside the Saudi 9/11 Coverup
PAUL SPERRY, Hoover Institution Media Fellow – New York Post

We believe that America is a level playing field where hard work assures advancement, and that upward mobility is a fundamental American cultural trait. It is a lie as this report spells out. If you can’t tell yourself the truth, you can’t do much.

United States Is Now the Most Unequal of All Advanced Economies
ERIC ZUESSE – Popular Resistance

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