Owl: Nevada Set to Explode — Every Cop a Target – Feds Tazer Son – Nevada State Officials Blast Federal Idiocy – Country Commissioner Corruption In Question

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Note this comment after a recent article on this in Alex Jones:

“When the pigs start killin…..the state of Nevada will ignite…..no cop anywhere will be safe, black, white, whatever….we all know who the MAN is, and we will unite and we will strike back, everywhere……”

What is most striking to me in the videos of the defenders of Cliven Bundy is their intense, near-savage anger. And not just any typical anti-government anger, but an anger erupting volcano-like from an enormous well of frustration at the government combined with an acute sense of personal sufferings from whatever cause. The specific frustrations, angers and fears they have appear to be metastasizing into a kind of seething mass forming into a toxic projectile in search of a target that is or merely looks like government and business authority. For the the fascist nexus of government and business, this is just another routine land-grab and power play done at the expense of one typical group of victims, white poor and proles. Nothing special about it, all done in a day's work. And it could have been done against any other disenfranchised group, whether black, brown, yellow, whatever color. Doesn't matter. The money they rip off from a diversity of social, religious, ethnic groups is still green. But the gov-bus fascists and crony capitalists may have underestimated their would-be victims this time, as the signs are emerging in their sheer numbers they are not “taking it” any more. Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins is very representative of the mega-arrogance and mega-ignorance of the crony-fascist cabals that put such people into positions of authority in order to represent their interests. This arrogance and ignorance always blinds them to essential facets of their own self-interest. As an example of the blindness and lack of imagination of these pathologically self-interested fascists, we notice that when Collins says the defenders of Bundy “better have funeral plans”, it never occurs to him and his fascist backers the blistering rancor they have ignited among the militias members – who have guns and know how to use them – may require Collins and his henchmen to begin plans for their own funeral.

County Commissioner Says Bundy Supporters “Better Have Funeral Plans”

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Phi Beta Iota: We are concerned that the federal government in its ignorance and arrogance does not understand that the public has had it and that West of the Mississippi and south of Norfolk there are too many citizens who could be “set off” and go on killing sprees. They are being “played” by a corrupt County Commissioner. Fort Hood is the canary in the coal mine. Pissed off impoverished white people will make the Watts riots looks like a debutante ball. When the government lacks intelligence with integrity (as well as counterintelligence with integrity), the government is setting itself up for collapse. The USA is in a very high state of revolutionary potential. All that is missing is a precipitant. If — as we suspect — corporate and banking interests are behind this land grab — and this knowledge comes out at the same time that there is a violent confrontation with well-intentioned federal and state law enforcement people that have no clue how they are being abused — and are not smart enough to always side with the public —  then this could be the situation that leads to a the burning of tires in the streets across the USA, and the flushing of Congress down the toilet in November.

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