Mini-Me: Nevada Stand-Off YouTubes from 773,010 Views On Down

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


.Ranch Riot!! Bundy Ranch Protesters Tasered by Federal Agents and Attacked by K9’s.

773,010 Views Uniforms with dogs without a clue. Protesters without a clue as well.

Revolution in Nevada to Save Cliven Bundy

34,286 Views Militant call to arms including plans to use force.

URGENT! Nevada militia is mobilizing! Cliven Bundy ranch

22,267 Views White woman, “people are getting fed up” — group going into DC on May 16th.

Waco-Style Confrontation Looms in Nevada!!

15,460 Views Alex Jones’ version of what is going on.

Phi Beta Iota: Everyone’s wrong on this one — and everyone has a little bit of right in them as well. The federal, state, and county governments have all been caught by surprise — this is what precipitants of revolution look like in the Internet era. What comes out loud and clear is that the government has no idea how to carry out an Information Operation  that is truthful, transparent, and trustworthy. There are many aspects, starting with the grossly excessive amount of land that has been confiscated by the federal government west of the Mississippi over the past 200 years. Move from there to a mix of corrupt county government, corrupt and inattentive state government, a man whose family has been there since before the last was confiscated by the federal government (and also not paying grazing fees of questionable legal validity) and it just keeps on getting better. This has the potential to be a perfect storm. Sadly,  the “storm troopers” put in harm’s way have no idea what to do when the public contests the government’s legitimacy, authority, and capacity. At the same time, as one YouTube comment points out, the militia has no idea how to organize anything — a fact-finding commission, a public relations campaign, a legal restraining order, or — we pray it does not come to that — a systematic mowing down of anyone in uniform, burning the bodies and the cars in a highly-televisable form.

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