SchwartzReport: Fracking, Earthquakes, & 1% Corruption

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

The matter is settled: Fracking causes earthquakes. My prediction: The carbon energy interests see Fracking and natural gas as a way to prolong the dominance of carbon energy for another 30 years. It may bring your house down in states like Oklahoma? Destroy your kids school while they are in it? A small price to pay so that the carbon barons and their corporations can continue making their obscene profits. And the people who voted ! the politicians in that will permit this? They can be relied upon to vote against their own self-interest, even their survival. It is one of our national mysteries.

Earthquake Experts: Yes, Fracking Earthquakes Are A Thing
Clean Technica

When the Seismological Society of America says that fracking earthquakes are a real thing, then it’s a good bet that they are. The annual SSA meeting last Thursday featured a daylong session on ‘Induced Seismicity” that featured new research indicating that oil and gas fracking, and the practice of disposing wastewater underground, can alter the state of an existing fault. The result is to spread the range of seismic hazard farther out from the faultline than previously thought.

Phi Beta Iota: Engaged readers will recollect that the US Intelligence Community, including the National Intelligence Council, supported fracking as a solution in Global Trends 2030. The ignorance of the secret world about reality cannot be under-stated. We now realize that  there are TWO major obstacles to change: first the traditional obstacles, those who thrive on corruption do not want to give it up; but second, the obstacle we have embodied, the strong loyalty of bright reformers to their own country, and their belief, false in most cases but they are the last to accept this, that “the system” will listen to reason. Fracking and pedophilia, once properly exposed to citizens at the Congressional District level, may be the two electrodes most suitable for shocking the public into ending its support for a system so corrupt that it is literally killing everything about America the Beautiful, from the groundwater to the children to the future.

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