Jean Lievens: Village in a Box – Open Source Ecology Project Uses 3D Printers to Build the Next Economy

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Village in a Box: Open Source Ecology Project Uses 3D Printers to Build The Next Economy

by, July 24, 2014

…the folks at the Open Source Ecology project say you only need about 50 machines such as a wind turbine, cement mixer and sawmill to get things going. And they should know since they are currently building and creating open source industrial machines and sharing the designs online without cost.

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To aid in the development of this new world order, OSE is employing 3D-printing technology to build its set of essential machines, collectively referred to as the Global Village Construction Set. Jakubowski’s Open Source Ecology Project has several 3D printers in its arsenal— two LulzBot TAZ printers and an AO-101. OSE uses the printers for rapid prototyping or quickly creating mechanical components from a computer-based drawing

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