Jean Lievens: Michigan Outlaws Personal Gardens — Is Michigan Stupid? Or Just Corrupt? Localities Need to NULLIFY!

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Personal Gardening and Farming Are Becoming Illegal

There once was a time when vegetable gardening and backyard farming were not endangered; these activities were a way of life. However, with booming big agriculture business comes the need for monetary and job security, which means that threatening the productivity of big agriculture will not be tolerated. With Michigan’s recent ban on backyard farming, along with many states regulating the amount of garden space individuals may have in their yard, the ability for Americans to grow their own food and feed themselves is becoming a thing of the past. The future of personal gardening and farming is in danger and may become illegal altogether.

Michigan recently announced that it has made changes to its Right to Farm Act, which allowed home owners to keep a small amount of livestock on their property without being considered a nuisance, as long as the rules of the Act were followed. Chickens, beehives and goats will officially no longer be tolerated on the properties of urban and suburban farmers, due to the protection of the Right to Farm Act being lifted from small home farmers. Some Michigan farmers believe this new ruling is in place because large producers do not want individuals to provide for themselves or their families; the believed goal is to ensure all are dependent on grocers and mass producers.

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Phi Beta Iota: Criminal insanity on this scale will encourage localities to begin nullifying state and federal laws that are clearly not in the public interest. Eventually secession will become an option in those instances where the state is so corrupt as to be beyond redemption. In Florida it is now illegal to live “off the grid” — we do not make this stuff up. What is so interesting is that the federal and state governments are pursuing corrupt paths at the behest of the lower-half of the 1% (the military-industrial-congressional complex, mega-agriculture, etcetera) at the same time that the upper-half of the 1% (the Rothschilds, the smarter leaders in City of London and Wall Street) have realized that a totally corrupt government is of no use to them — it cannot keep the 99% docile. There is an opening here, a very positive, very constructive opening.

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