Marcus Aurelius: Daniel Goure on Needing an Army — Robert Steele on Irresponsible Government

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

I think article below is spot on, but I also don't think it will matter.  Given the current national trajectory, it will take another Kasserine Pass, another Task Force SMITH, to get America to pay attention to T.R. Fehrenbach (“… young men in the mud. …”), to the eternal truth that the ultimate arbiter of foreign policy and international diplomacy is a man with a rifle and bayonet.  And then, the refresher learning will only be transient.  I hate to be present Santana as an inviolable sage with respect to history, but I's sure this is one of those cases where he is right. And, in the interim, funds and focus will be diverted to trendy left-wing social issues. …

When America Realizes It Needs the Army, It'll Need It Really Bad

A small Army is smart until it's not


After every major conflict over the past 70 years, the nation’s leaders have decided that they see no future for conflicts and challenges involving a major land component. Over and over again, they have been proven wrong.

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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

ROBERT STEELE: The irresponsibility of the US Government with respect to national security is profound. It is also the least of our problems. The corruption of the political process — a  two-party tyranny whose ignorance is exceeded only by its greed — and the lack of intelligence with integrity providing ethical evidence-based decision-support for Whole of Government — are the greater challenge. Obama is a prisoner of state. One has only to see the “deer in the headlights” look to know that he is a broken man who clearly understands “the deal” that has been placed before every President since JFK: take the gold or get the lead. Accept the gold certificates, as Bush and Clinton did so readily, or be assassinated as JFK was.

There is no candidate for President today that combines intelligence with integrity. There is no candidate for President today that is capable of focusing, as I did in 2012, on the four basics: Electoral Reform to restore the integrity of the Congress as well as State and Local governments; a Coalition Cabinet to restore the intelligence as well as the integrity of Whole of Government; and the two methods — a Balanced Budget combined with a New Economy that eliminates all taxes in favor of the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax supplemented by an absolute commitment to Full Employment. America is broken — broken by elites that have sought for fifty years to achieve a 100% corrupt government, and a two-party tyranny that delivered the treason it was paid to deliver. Neither the Independents nor any of the small parties have the combination of intelligence and integrity to lead us into the future but all of them, without exception, are essential parts of a larger whole nation.

The good news is that the elites have broken ranks — from Lady Lynn Rothschild in the UK (originally from New Jersey) to the Mars Family in Virginia to the “Black Sheep Billionaires” on the West Coast, the way is open for a convergence of money and votes — the 100 million Cultural Creatives will do nicely as a starting point — toward restoring American the Beautiful, Of, By, and For We the People.

Somewhere in there we need a Secretary of State who did not sweep Iran-Contra under the rug and actually wants to create exit strategies for the 40 dictators that our government's best pals while being enemies of the US public intereset; and a Secretary of Defense actually able to create a 450-ship Navy, a long-haul Air Force, and an air-mobile Army (while putting both the Marine Corps and Special Operations back in their small boxes — naval infantry and limited by, with and through multinational operations).

Integrity. One word. So very easy to restore…but we all have to want it.

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