SchwartzReport: US Border Patrol — Largest Most Corrupt US Law Enforcement Agent Dealing with Smallest Least Threatening Population

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

In my view this entire border hysteria is based on fear and greed. For a few corporations this is all extremely profitable. It is a works program. And it is completely out of control as this report makes clear. The false foundation of this whole business is why it is also so corrupt.

How the Border Patrol Became Our Most Stunningly Corrupt Law Enforcement Agency

Phi Beta Iota: Illegal immigrants are at worst 3% of our total population, and generally are far more law-abiding than your average drugged-up pissed-off redneck. As the article suggests, the border patrol is a jobs program for angry otherwise unemployed male citizens, and a pork program for the military-industrial complex that gives 5% kick-backs to Congress.

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