Mike Flynn: Iraq Offensive Will Fail — Robert Steele: Yes But…

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Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn

Why the Iraq Offensive Will Fail

Unless the president faces up to the real threat, the plans to retake Mosul don’t have a chance.

Politico, 20 February 2015

We, as a nation, must accept and face the reality that we and other contributing nations of the world are at war, and not just in Iraq. We are in a global war with a radical and violent form of the Islamic religion, and it is irresponsible and dangerous to deny it. This enemy is far broader than the 40,000 or so fighters in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. There also exists a large segment of this radical version of Islam in over 90 nations abroad as well as here at home. Just ask those countries from which foreign fighters are flowing into the Levant to support this “jihad.”

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ROBERT STEELE: I tried to save Mike Flynn’s job with a letter to Chuck Hagel and an article in CounterPunch (On Defense Intelligence: Seven Strikes) but to no avail. I admire General Flynn, but he has lost his mind on this one. He cannot seem to get a grip on the fact that CIA lies to everybody, that ISIS is a creation of Saudi Arabia and CIA, and that the real enemy of the USA is our own government that refuses to act in the public interest because the two-party duopoly has sold out to 42 specific billionaires, one of whom (Casino Jack) also owns the Zionist government of Israel. Intelligence with integrity is lacking across the federal government, in part because the intelligence and counterintelligence “leaders” are focused on spending money, not on providing ethical evidence-based decision support to governance. What is done in our name and at our expense every day is unaffordable idiocy, and much of it could qualify before an International Tribunal as a crime against humanity (I include CDC in that observation — liars on a gigantic scale, second only to the FDA in their perfidy). I am about to publish a Kindle book, Open Power, and stand by the findings of my last book, The Open Source Everything Manifesto.  Our government is in enemy hands — on this General Flynn and I may agree. Our government is corrupt and stupid to the bone — on this General Flynn and I seem to agree. ISIS is not the enemy. ISIS is about as threatening as 1% of the lightning strikes (or traffic accidents) across the USA. The threat is our willful corruption and ignorance. There is a cure for that.  #ElectoralReform.

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