Neal Rauhauser: Special Ops Look at Clandestine Insurgent and Terrorist Networks

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Neal Rauhauser
Neal Rauhauser
What most will not realize is that the insights in the document are relevant to the growing anger and potential domestic insurgency in the USA. We have 2.5 million veterans from OEF/OIF, assuming 20% in combat that's 500k, Army/Marines are about 20% black if I recall, so that's 100k guys who have “seen the elephant”. And then you have the Hispanics, many with gang connections but most clean cut and ready for righteous revenge. We got the D.C. Sniper and Oklahoma out of 38 days of ground combat in Desert Storm when vets came back to a roaring economy. Now we have guys who did three and four tours that came back to America in a tailspin.So, you tell me what happens when the next time a cop shoots a guy in the back because he had a broken tail light, and his brother has that CBI badge and a couple of equally fed up friends? Terrifies me, but we are headed that direction at a good clip and I see no signs of change.

PDF (138 Pages): JSOU Clandestine Insurgent and Terrorist Networks


Phi Beta Iota: Fascinating in part because it makes it clear that detecting and neutralizing such networks demands deep, long-term, indigenous Human Intelligence (HUMINT) that is far beyond the capabilities of CIA, DIA, JSOG, or the Services. It cannot be done. Not addressed by this excellent focused document is the fact that happy prosperous well-governed people do not produce such networks. As long as the US Government is “best pals” with 42 of the 44 dictators on the planet, and as long as US foreign policy is committed to enriching the few at the expense of the many both at home and abroad, the US Department of Defense will remain a very expensive and largely useless pork pie. The absence of intelligence with integrity across the board makes all technical proficiency as the tactical level “moot.” JSOG cannot overcome the corruption and pathologies of its own government at the strategic level.

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