Robert Steele: Homeland Security – The Much Bigger Picture

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

Homeland Security: The Much Bigger Picture

Homeland Security Today, May 26, 2015

By: Robert David Steele

As I scan the horizon across our homeland, what many of us think of as America the Beautiful, I cannot help but see something different — a troubled, even shocked, dysfunctional government, corrupt industry, the shallowness of our chattering class (academics, media and think tanks) and an apathetic citizenry.

From the perspective of a long-time intelligence professional – a former spy who helped create the Marine Corps Intelligence Center and spent 20 years as a CEO pioneering commercial intelligence – not only do most of the preconditions for revolution exist in America right now, but the federal government seems determined to ignore realities across the board.

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To the right is the central graphic from my earlier graduate thesis on preconditions of revolution, with the conditions existing in the USA today highlighted in red. Do any of them sound familiar?

That’s the big picture. Now, let’s step in and contemplate just a few of the insanities swirling around us. Politically, we see JADE HELM, a multinational military exercise that labels Democratic states “friendly,” and Republican states “hostile” (I don’t make this stuff up!), and seems designed to deeply integrate military and civilian policing capabilities, to include internment camp operations, presumably in the event that there’s widespread civil disorder.

Economically, we see 23 percent unemployment for most, and 40 percent for older people and youth of color at the same time that we see the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” treaty that is full of secret provisions that allow corporations to overturn US laws and US worker rights.

On the natural-geographic front, we see drought across the land at the same time the Governor of California sees fit to exempt from all restrictions Coca-Cola, Nestle, the fracking industry and the luxury almond industry.

My diagnosis? The USA – America the Beautiful – has lost its integrity. Integrity – honesty of fact and purpose in the public interest – is not to be found at the federal level, and by some other accounts is not to be found at the state or local level, either.

We the People have legitimate grievances that are not being heard – that will never receive an honest hearing – for so long as we suffer a two-party tyranny (see Theresa Amato’s book, Grand Illusion: The Myth of Vote Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny).

The rest of the world also has legitimate grievances. What is being done in our name, to include elective wars profitable only to banks and the military-industrial complex, drone assassinations (including of US citizens), and all manner of predatory corporate mis-behavior, will not stop as long as we have a two-party tyranny that votes for legislation it has neither written nor read – legislation that favors the financial interests of the 46 billionaires now on record as “owning” both parties.

I had to run for President in 2012 to learn we have eight accredited parties in the USA, that six of them are blocked from ballot access, and that Congress has the power to pass a law – it has refused to do so nine times – that would mandate that Independents and all parties have ballot access for all federal elections. Our Congress is in constant betrayal of the US Constitution – Article 1 in particular – and must be abolished.

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How do we do this? We do this with an Electoral Reform Act that we demand now, in time to elect a non-partisan executive and coalition cabinet and a sufficiency of Independent and small party members, to end the two-party tyranny and restore integrity to the White House and Congress.

Here is my plan:

First, all citizens should demand of their Senators and Representatives that they co-sponsor the Electoral Reform Act of 2015. This will quickly identify the patriots and the knaves.

Second, we must create a League of American Voters, perhaps emerging from the League of Women Voters cheated out of the debate role; with supporting roles for Occupy, the Coffee Party and any other interested elements such as Voto Latino. We create the and go for $10 each from each of 80 million cultural creatives – that is $800 million.

Third, we fund an Electoral Reform Summit and make Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura and Ralph Nader offers they cannot refuse, while fully funding participation by others such as Jill Stein, Cynthia McKinney and Elizabeth Warren and great intellectual and authors such as Cornell West – his book Democracy Matters is a Nobel-level reflection – as well as David Korten, Chris Hedges and others. We discuss the eight core electoral reforms shown in the graph, and we issue a non-negotiable demand for the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 to be passed by November 4, 2015, in time for 2016.

Fourth – many of the members will in their arrogance not get it – we occupy their home offices and front lawns for the duration of the summer or until they sign the Electoral Reform pledge.

I believe our great Republic has reached a tipping point. The arrogance and corruption of the federal government – its dysfunctionality and disrespect for We the People – are at an all-time high. Our condition as a public is at an all -time low. In my view, as a patriot, and as an intelligence professional, the time is right for a non-negotiable public convergence and demand for an Electoral Reform Act of 2015.

I know how to do this, but someone other than me must lead it.  Who might that be?

Robert David Steele served as a CIA Operations Officer from 1979 to 1988, during which he managed a global program to penetrate a denied area and was one of the first officers assigned to penetrate a terrorist target in an assigned region in the 1980’s. He also created the first Standard Operating Procedures for a (clandestine) Field Station. Among his many varied assignments, from 1997 to 2006 he was lecturer and course organizer (Open Source Intelligence, Information Operations) at the Special Operations Command. For nearly a decade, he produced the annual Open Source Solutions symposium in Washington, DC, which brought together many of the world’s best and brightest minds in intelligence, military and open source intelligence utilization. He served on contract with the Military Information Support Task Force – Afghanistan (MISTF-A) from August to December 2013 as the primary election and peace process analyst. He also provided analytic support to the UN Commission in Guatemala. He also created the first handbooks in the discipline of open source intelligence for the UN, NATO, Department of Defense and Special Forces. He’s currently CEO of Earth Intelligence Network, an educational non-profit, and curates the Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog.

Also read the April 2009 Homeland Security Today profile of Steele, A Visionary IC Vet’s Vision for 21st Century Intel.

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