Bulgaria’s Burning Man (Vimeo 21:07)

Civil Society, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government

Flame (Пламен) — short film about Plamen Goranov

In 2013 Plamen Goranov, a 37-year-old construction worker and artist from Varna, Bulgaria set himself on fire as a form of political protest. PLAMEN (also meaning ‘flame' in Bulgarian) explores what led the young activist to his protest and ultimately to his death, thus setting a disturbing trend of self-immolations in the EU's poorest country.

Awards and Vimeo Below the Fold

Winner: Audience Award Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival
Winner: Audience Award Sofia International Film Festival in Burgas
Official Selection: San Francisco International Film Festival

Flame (Пламен) — short film about Plamen Goranov from Dress Code on Vimeo.

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