Antechinus: US Intelligence Chief a Cartoon Fantasy?

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US intelligence based on a cartoon fantasy? Is this their answer to being called old porn queens by VICE?

Spy Chief James Clapper Compares U.S. ‘Intelligence Community’ To Spider-Man

“Spider-Man is known for his precognitive ‘Spidey Sense.’ Many of our customers expect us to be clairvoyant when it comes to world events,” Clapper said.

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Phi Beta Iota: Clapper is caught between a rock and a hard place. He is doing what he is expected to do — spending vast amounts of money to no good end — and at the same time under increasing attack, from Hollywood movies (SILENCED) to alternative press hits (VICE 1, VICE 2), for being completely ineffective at the craft of intelligence. Perhaps soon we will see a TIME cover with the title IGNORED: Intelligence Reformers Since Viet-Nam. As a side note, we note with interest that there is a growing sense that the time has come to hold the US secret world accountable for its importation of the Nazi mentality that has so corrupted our military-industrial complex, its role in creating the drug problem within the USA [with Afghanistan – Pakistan being the latest iteration of tricks the IC learned in Viet-Nam), and its grotesque violations of civil liberties and public sensibilities from mass surveillance to the creation of over 175 false flag terrorist incidents in the USA.

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