Baroness Shirley Williams: American Democracy for Sale — A Warning to Us All …

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Baroness Shirley Williams
Baroness Shirley Williams

American democracy is up for sale, and it’s a warning to us all

By the end of June this year, $388m had been contributed to the campaigns of presidential candidates in 2016

It is imperative in a democracy that those opposed to the government of the day can cherish the prospect of peacefully changing its leaders and its policies. Otherwise the alternatives are some form of violent action, a revolution or a coup.

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Review: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Phi Beta Iota: It has been established that the USA is not a democracy — far from it. Griftopia — the merger of financial and political crime families — remains the most appropriate term for what we have. Baroness Shirley is more willing to speak truth to power than our own academics who fritter away their time on the margins.

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