Mongoose: US Media Calculated Fraudulent Campaign Against Putin and Russia

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Swedish Analyst – The Smear Campaign against Putin and the true US Agenda – Part 1

While the Russian opinion polls in support of President Putin now has reached a record level of 89% he is simultaneously target of a very dirty smear campaign in the West. Putin, we are told, is a power-hungry dictator intending to restore the Soviet Empire. He is portrayed as a danger to world peace, a dictator with a background as a KGB officer, who controls the ”communist” Russia with an iron fist. All is completely absurd and hides an obvious purpose.

Phi Beta Iota: The US Intelligence Community has shown some glimmers of integrity recently, and we salute that small sign that they are realizing they are in betrayal of the public trust if they follow George Tenet's example in prostituting their offices, violating their Oaths to defend and support the Constitution, and continue to stand passively by as the political two-party tyranny leads more lies — lies as bad as those told by Dick Cheney in the run up to the war on Iraq — intended to profit the few at the expense of the many. We see now that Electoral Reform is root — the secret world lacks the integrity to stand tall in the face of political treason — but once an honest government is installed, an Open Source Agency and a firm commitment to truth will be needed. Today the US Government is not in a state of grace, it has betrayed the public trust in every possible way from unemployment at home to predatory elective wars abroad.

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