ISIS Paris Perspectives UPDATE 4

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UPDATE 4 Friday 20 November 2015

Nafeez Ahmed: NATO is Harbouring ISIS

Anthony Judge: Dying to Live, Living to Die, Lying to Live, and Living a Lie

Paul Craig Robert: Paris a False Flag to Legalize US War on Syria and Bury Trump-Sanders — Is This Another Foreign Policy Coup?

Chuck Spinney: Open Letter to Obama by Drone Operators Denounces Drone Assassination

Robert Parry: Tangled False US Narratives

Glenn Greenwald: NYT Editorial Slams “Disgraceful” CIA Exploitation of Paris Attacks, But Submissive Media Role Is Key

Phi Beta Iota: We are moderately certain Paris was a contrived false flag — people died, but they died to serve the neoconservative and state-sponsored terrorism narrative.

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UPDATE 3 Thursday 19 November 2015

10 Reasons Why The Paris Terrorist Attack Could Be A False Flag Operation

Another France’s False Flag Attack (

France Declares War on Syria (

Video shows woman escape point-blank shooting by gunman in Paris attacks

Washington Bears Full Responsibility for Paris Attacks (

UPDATE 2 Wednesday 18 November 2015

The Paris Tragedy and the End of Strategic Thinking

ISIS Announces 6-Month Terror Campaign, NAMES 5 Targets — CA, VA, MD, IL, MI

Falling into the ISIS Trap

Former “al-Qaeda/CIA Double Agent” Says US Will Be Hit With Terror Within Two Weeks

Marcus Aurelius: ISIS-Related Headlines

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UPDATE 1 Tuesday 17 November 2015

Open Democracy: Nafeez Ahmed on How ISIS Wants to Destroy the “Gray Zone” — And How to Defend It

ISIS Round-Up — The Best of the Rest

YouTube (8:58) Paris Attacks False Flag Jewish Owners sold Bataclan Theater JUST BEFORE ATTACK!

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Phi Beta Iota: The Charlie Hebdo attack, almost certainly a false flag, was intended to punish France for supporting Palestine and frighten more Jews into leaving France for Israel (as happened in the case of the owners). There is no proof, yet, this was a false flag operation, but many indicators are emergent. Anyone doubting the mendacity of the Zionists need only remember the USS Liberty. This does not excuse what the US and NATO have done in creating the new swath of destruction since 9/11 was orchestrated by Dick Cheney in the guise of a national counter-terrorism exercise, it merely provides necessary clarity.

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Coleen Rowley: Another Illegal War is Insane

Berto Jongman: Dutch View on ISIS in Paris

ISIS is a Saudi Project (Atlantic)

Michel Onfray: French Joined the Americans in War on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali…Reap As Ye Sow…

NOW Will You Listen? Paris Attacks Bring Home Need for a Grand Strategy Based on the Truth…

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Antechinus: Time Is Running Out For Pax Americana’s Apologists

Chuck Spinney: Gary Leupp on Washington’s Ignorance About the Sunni-Shia Divide — PLUS Sunni-Shia Graphic and ISIS RECAP

Graphic: Media Filtering Reality

Greater Israel — Oded Yinon Zionist Plan for Destabilizing and Fracturing the Middle East

How Saudi Arabia exports radical Islam

How To Beat ISIS: Quarantine Them

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Marcus Aurelius: Barbarians Are Inside the Gates While President Barack Obama Sleeps — And a Grand Strategy Solution from Robert Steele

Mongoose: Is Saudi Arabia Bribing the French Government while Israel Orchestrates the False Flag Operations?

Mongoose: Veterans for Peace at White House: National Security Compromised by Support for Netanyahu

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Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Owl: Who Is Behind Hoards Invading Europe? Weapons of Mass Migration — George Soros Shorting Europe and Betting on Collapse?

Robert Parry: Can Obama Tell the Truth and Shut Down US NeoCons and the US Junior Varsity (Liberal Interventionists)?

Robert Steele: Qatar Buys French Presidents

Robert Steele: Should Christian Amanpour of CNN Be Fired, Investigated, or Both?

The First Question to Ask After Any Terror Attack: Was It a False Flag

The ISIS Twitter census: Making sense of ISIS's use of Twitter

The Saudi Prince and Two Tons of Narcotics

What ISIS Really Wants [Carefully Ignores State Sponsors]

YouTube Takes on Paris False Flag

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Phi Beta Iota: There is a possibility that elements of various governments are complicit in the Paris atrocities. Setting that aside, there is no grand strategy, no deep understanding of the complexities and contradictions. A strategic pause is needed, as well as a very strong counterintelligence campaign within France and within the USA. Attacks on Berlin similar to those in Paris are anticipated by the capture in Kurdistan of a rebel with a map — armories (e.g. small police stations and US National Guard armories) are a prime preliminary target, perhaps to draw suspicion away from the use of the Saudi diplomatic pouch to introduce arms into Europe or the US. ISIS cannot be defeated unless we first stop Saudi, Israeli, and Turkish support for ISIS and clean our own stables.

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