Owl: Trump Refused $200M Bribe from Sheldon Adelson to Name Newt Gingrich VP?

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Bribe of Trump Didn’t Work

First they (the Elite) tried to ignore Trump. Didn’t work. His star continuously rose. Next they tried to bombard Trump around the clock with slander and calumny. Didn’t work. Now he is the presumptive Republican nominee. Next, they tried to bribe him, according to this article, to hire the loathsome Gingrich, tool of elitists, to become Trump’s VP. Didn’t work. He’s still the nominee and still standing, When all the other tricks they use to try to rope in Trump to the elitist fold fails, what may be their last dirty trick? Kill him? I hope his security detail is very good and made much stronger.

“When Trump declined the offer [of the bribe], however, Gingrich started lashing out at him publicly, including his recent claim that Trump made “one of his worst mistakes” for pointing out the federal judge handling the Trump University lawsuit has ties to the controversial La Raza Hispanic nationalist organization. “I don’t know what Trump’s reasoning was, and I don’t care,” Gingrich told the Washington Post. It’d be unlikely for Gingrich to take such a weird stance in the matter unless he was already bitter at Trump – and trying to pressure him to change his mind. But it’s in Trump’s best interests to pick someone close to him ideologically as VP, such as Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.),  to avoid a potential assassination attempt. Case in point, Ronald Reagan was nearly assassinated after only serving 69 days in office – and after the establishment forced him to take George H.W. Bush as his VP. If Reagan died in the attack, the elite would have taken back the Oval Office, but even though Reagan survived, the establishment still gained influence over him – with Vice President Bush serving as a constant reminder to stay in line.”


Report: Trump Refused $200 Million to Pick Gingrich as VP

Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: I consider Newt Gingrich to be both the single best-read mind at the senior level of Republican politics, and one of the most amoral people to have ever been in power. His destruction of Speaker Jim Wright, his destruction of bi-partisanship, and his destruction of the role of Members as the Article 1 Constitutional balance of power to an out-of-control executive, will stand in history as a low point in US politics, equal to the assassination of John F. Kennedy (JFK) by a cabal led by and then protected by Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ). The idea of an elderly white guy as the VP (this is already killing Gary Johnson’s chances, cutting whatever percentage he might have earned with Jill Stein as the VP, in half) is insane. Donald Trump appears to be a genius in the moment. Hopefully he will come back around to Cynthia McKinney as VP, with Jill Stein, Elizabeth Warren and at least two real Latina powerhouses in the Cabinet to be announced prior to election day and ideally in time to challenge the Democratic team to do the same and participate in Cabinet-level debates. This election is Trump’s to lose. I cannot over-state the degree to which Hillary Clinton is at risk of serious jail time if the FBI goes beyond the classified emails and into the conflicts of interest and possible treason as emails emerge showing very clearly that Hillary Clinton was selling influence and in constant betrayal of the public trust in return for monies delivered to the Clinton Foundation. No one can ever equal LBJ for genius or influence peddling, but she is close. She will be LUCKY if Biden, Sanders, and Obama agree this week that she is to be quickly indicted, convicted, sentenced, and pardoned, to be appointed Ambassador to the United Nations if Biden-Warren win, while Sanders becomes one of two leaders in the Senate with speed dial access to the President (I expect Trump will offer Sanders the same deal). Newt Gingrich should be listened to — the way one listens to a master criminal when contemplating needed new law enforcement initiatives. He is valuable. He should never again serve in an official position of public trust.

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