Berto Jongman: Internet Shut-Down, Internet War, US Faking a Russian Attack?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman


U.S. To Use Internet ‘Kill Switch’ By November In Cyberwar With Russia

The US government is preparing to activate an “internet kill switch” according to cyber security experts, and the groundwork has been laid to blame the unprecedented act on Russia.

LO AND BEHOLD ON 21 oct 2016

Someone Attacked America’s Internet

Twitter, Reddit and Spotify were collateral damage in a major online assault

Phi Beta Iota: The article is worthy of a full read.  It discusses the national Standard Operating Procedure 303 that enables the shut-down of all Internet and cellular devices. It also discusses the new Executive Order on Space Weather events. We have two separate issues here:

First, the government is terrified of a public that is able to record and share information in real time. This makes it difficult for the government to continue with its massive campaign of lies. The Facebook censoring of all statements that connect Hillary Clinton to her many crimes is emblematic of what the government wants to do across the board — mind control and the end of freedom of speech are part of the Obama-Clinton-Soros-Zuckerberg agenda.

Second, the government has a legitimate need to be able to shut down all electrical systems when a solar storm is about to hit, by shutting them down these systems avoid being “fried” and weather the storm, they can be turned on again once the storm passes, as if nothing had happened. The two should not be confused. The false accusations against the Russians are a US Government “PSYOP” against the American public, a last desperate attempt to distract the public from the very real multi-billion dollar charity fraud and influence pedding crimes of Bill and Chelsea and Hillary Clinton, with Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey fully complicit in all those crimes.

A Civil War has begun in the USA between those who are awake on the left (Sandernistas) and the right (Trumpistas) and those who are asleep and dropped out across the spectrum (the Clinton, neocon, stupid is as stupid does population. The fact that Trump is incompetent and unable to listen to others has made it possible for Clinton and the media and the government to get away with covering up all aspects of her crimes including the theft of the nomination from Bernie Sanders. His loss — which will certainly include her use of electronic voting fraud in all those instances where she was able to use it against Sanders as documented by Stanford University — will leave the USA with an illegitimate government and a very angry group of citizenss — roughly one third of all eligible voters — who are certain that the public interest is not being well served by the two-party tyranny that has legalized high crimes as a matter of daily routine.

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