Owl: False Flag Red Alert – Hillary Clinton Panics – Potential for Murders Intended to Frame Donald Trump and Twist Narrative with CNN Complicity

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Who? Who?

FALSE FLAG RED ALERT: Media plotting with Clinton operatives to gun down democrats and blame it on Trump

My widely-shared article predicting leftists bombings of government buildings was published several days before the GOP headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed by violent leftists. In my original story entitled VOTERS WARNED: You've already lost America… this election is about taking it back in the last non-violent way possible, I wrote, “As all this is going down, you should fully expect violent, extremist leftist to be setting bombs all over the place, with funding for the bombs coming from George Soros, the key funding source of domestic terrorism in America.”

The media's radically one-sided promotion of Hillary Clinton coupled with extremely biased attacks on Donald Trump only confirm to tens of millions of Americans that the system is entirely rigged against them.

ANALYSIS: It's now clear that the same leftist media which has systematically rigged everything — staged debate questions, staged polls, rehearsed audience comments at CNN, deep collusion with the Clinton campaign, total censorship of Wikileaks emails, etc. — is colluding with Clinton-linked terror operatives who are going to commit acts of mass violence that will be blamed on Trump supporters.

It's a repeat of the exact same Trump rally violence that's been caught on video by Project Veritas (ProjectVeritasAction.com), where democrat operatives openly admit they take money from the Clinton campaign to stage and carry out acts of extreme violence so they can be blamed on Trump.

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Phi Beta Iota: There is no question but that Donald Trump and his supporters have been on the high road of non-violence while Hillary Clinton and George Soros and the Democratic operatives who organized provocations of violence at Trump rallies have been on the low road.  Hillary “why don't we just drone him” Clinton is a mass murderer in her own right — from the fifty plus murdered in Arkansas and elsewhere to the hundreds of thousands murdered and displaced by her “pay to play” wars, Hillary Clinton is our transgender cross-over between Adolph Hitler and Tony Blair. The FBI has demonstrated that it's leadership is corrupt to the bone and part of the Clinton campaign — it neither indicts her for proven crimes for which the evidence is now in the public domain thanks to WikiLeaks, nor does it expose obvious false flag attacks such as the Orlando Mass Casualty event with 70 obvious anomalies all indicative of a false flag attack done for political purposes. We are reminded of how Leon Panetta organized the fatal raid into Pakistan to kill a patsy provided by the Pakistani military, never mind the death of many SEALS, all for political theater. There is no lower limit to the lack of morality among these people. They will kill Americans with impunity, convinced that with media complicity, the mass of voters will remain stupid and unaware.

WHAT SHOULD TRUMP DO? Trump lacks a good counterintelligence team and a good investigative team. Trump needs to have a full-up twelve to twenty-four person investigative and forensics team on strip alert. Any event that occurs between now and inauguration day needs to have the team flown in with cameras rolling demanding access to the crime scene, direct interviews with every alleged witness, hands on every alleged body. The FBI, CNN, even Fox News, are all part of the national theatrical charade so famously discussed by Chris Edged in Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. The entire establishment is a house of cards, rigged against the public. This is our moment. Question authority, and above all do not believe any false narrative broadcast by the mainstream media sock puppets. Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of the rigged system and that is why we believe this story has legs — George Soros and the military-industrial complex are allies — white paramilitary shooters will be used, pretending to be red-neck rascists. There will be three indicators right away: the shooters will be fit, not fat; the shooters will move with military precision; and the bodies won't be available for examination.

Phi Beta Iota stands for electoral reform as the sole effective means of achieving a non-violent revolution that restores integrity to the government of the United States of America. We have tried to show every candidate of significance, starting with Bernie Sanders and including Gary Johnson and Jill Stein (both hypocrits incapable of transpartisan thought), and are now left with Donald Trump who is not listening, but at least he gets that the system is rigged.

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