Nafeez Ahmed: Algeria Complicit with Al-Qaeda, Sponsors False Flag Attacks, US Government Witting

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Nafeez Ahmed
Nafeez Ahmed

Intelligence agencies are running al-Qaeda camps in North Africa — UN consultant

New evidence points to a Western cover-up of Algerian state sponsorship of Islamist jihadists, to protect oil and gas interests

An unpublished report by a government advisor and UN consultant, obtained exclusively by INSURGE intelligence, accuses Western and Algerian security services of complicity in al-Qaeda terrorist activity across North Africa. The academic report focuses on damning evidence that a devastating al-Qaeda terrorist attack on the Tigantourine gas plant near In Amenas, Algeria, was orchestrated by Algeria’s secret services, with the knowledge of US, French and British intelligence.

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Phi Beta Iota: Terrorist groups do not exist in isolation from governments. They have a purpose within national, regional, and global government, banking, and corporate manipulation of public perception to achieve financial advantage for the 1% while keeping the 99% afraid and passive.

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