John Robb: Electoral Coup Underway!

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John Robb

WARNING: An Electoral Coup is Underway

This may be the most important thing I've ever written.  On December 19, 2016 the electoral college will vote.  Based on the vote, Trump should receive 306 votes and Clinton will have 232.

However, it is possible for many electors to change their vote.  They aren't bound by it.  There's currently a very well funded attempt to influence electors to flip their votes on December 19th to change the outcome of the election. Despite expectations that it is far fetched, it has a high chance of success.

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Who? Who?

Tip of the Hat to Owl.

OWL: Both of these articles show every way that has been so far discovered – there may be more ways the Democrats find soon and implement – to prevent Trump from taking office. The claim of “Russian interference” with the US elections, which no one has supplied evidence to back this claim, is the key starting point for all of these strategies that may be used:

Secret Agenda: Are They Planning To Use ‘Russian Interference’ As An Excuse To Invalidate Trump’s Election Victory?

Russian Interference Could Give Courts Legal Authority To Install Clinton

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Phi Beta Iota: There are 538 electors. Ten are known to be traitors. The chances of 36 or more switching are reasonably high — if they do, Donald Trump has only himself to blame. He has refused to educate the public with respect to Hillary Clinton's various documented crimes including the theft of the nomination from Bernie Sanders; he has refused to acknowledge that he is a 27% fringe President (as Barack Obama was and Hillary Clinton has been) and refused to call for an Electoral Reform Act to unify the Republic and unrig the system; and he has refused to call out NSA and CIA for spying on politicians and political organizations with impunity. We agree with John Robb, particularly in light of the Obama Administration's explicit endorsement of the legitimacy (within all bounds of reasonable dishonesty) of the election. The Russians did not hack the election. Jim Clapper and John Brennan and Mike Rogers are liars who should be indicted, convicted, and made destitute for their betrayal of the public trust. We note with interest that the captive complicit media has buried the pedophilia, treason, electoral fraud, and charity fraud stories legitimately associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton. It can reasonably be said that there is nothing legitimate about the current state of affairs.

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