Mongoose: PropOrNot a Massive Lie (Psychological Operation) Against the Public — Review of US Government Interest in Shutting Down Alternative (Truthful) Media…

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Alternative Media- A Very Serious Threat to the Ruling Elite

PropOrNot has all the hallmarks of an intelligence operation run by the CIA, FBI, or one of a number of other intelligence agencies.

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Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman.

Phi Beta Iota: Covert operations used to be subtle. Over time the dumbing down of the public, the complicity of the media, and the emptying of the “bench” at CIA and elsewhere have led to truly stupid covert operations. At the same time, the “methods” of covert operations, including assassination and false flag operations but especially media manipulation, have been embraced full force by both the sinister left (Soros) and the sinister right (Zionists, neo-cons). The world of information has become a cesspool in which the loudest lowest common denominator appears to gain traction for lack of credible champions of the truth.

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