Review: Trumped! How Tweets, Trolls, and Memes Won the Presidency for Donald Trump

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Culture, Research, Democracy, Information Society, Misinformation & Propaganda, Politics, Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized)
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John F. Hughes

5.0 out of 5 stars Quite Extraordinary — Color Jumps Off Page and Grabs You By the Throat — an Eye Opener in Every Way,

I received a copy of the color version from the author and totally recommend the color version over the black and white version. Amazon has really got the color production line perfected, and color in this book adds a third dimension that is missing from the less expensive but much blander black and white version. I cannot over-state this: the color as planned by the author and executed by Amazon jumps off the page and grabs you by the throat. This is a phenomenal multi-dimensional book, a deep study in cultural linquistics and symbology, and I suspect it will become a classroom and presidential campaign planning staple.

The substance matches the form. This is a brilliant chronology with many sidebars that documents the 2016 campaign as it happened online. Perhaps not the intention of the author but certainly my take from all this: Donald Trump is a genius, a master magician, conductor, tuba voice, he manipulated both the mainstream media and the social media as if her were the high priest of modern communications, which he may well be.

History is included, showing how FDR won on radio, JFK on TV, Trump on Twitter — the next president in my view will not be Trump and will be elected by YouTube or its #GoogleGestapo anti-thesis.

The author nails the fake news media for bias and inaccuracy time and time again, and each time does so with utterly brilliant actual color examples from the timelines of each media source. This book is packed with quotes, facts, photos, graphics, statistics, memes illustrated and discussed, and much much more.

When all is said and done this book is a celebration of the Alternative Media, citizen journalists, and Twitter's most powerful persistent user, Donald Trump, today the legitimately-elected President of the United States of America.

I totally recommend this book for citizens, students, and campaign managers. This is a work of genius at multiple levels.

Best wishes to all,
Robert David STEELE Vvias
Trump Revolution Series

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